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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Setup Your HX WiFi Serial Camera on Your Phone.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Setup Your HX WiFi Serial Camera on Your Phone.

Key Features of BES-HXS04

BES-HXS04 is our latest FULL HD 1080P Outdoor Two-Way Audio WiFI Camera in 2019.

You can find there are some features really amazing with it.


First of all, Wider WiFi range & More Stable Connection.

Most(more than 90%) outdoor wifi cameras on the market come with 1 single 2.4dBi wifi antenna, we noticed many customers complained the weak wifi signal, unstable wifi connection & short wifi distanceetc.

So we decided to launch this BES-HXS04.

Compared with most common outdoor wifi cameras that come with 1 single 2.4dBi wifi antenna, we designed 2 wifi antenna connector on this camera, and we prepared 2 wifi antennas.

The wifi range will be much wider than most normal wifi cameras, about 200 ft in open area, and it's more stable.

Both wifi antenna connector is compatible with 2.4dBi & 5dBi wifi antenna, you can also purchase separate 5dBi wifi antennas to replace them to reach a further distance.

Two-Way Audio is also one of the most Amazing features of BES-HXS04.

Most 1080P outdoor wifi cameras do not come with two-way audio, many of them even do not come with audio recording.

We introduced integrated microphone and high-power speaker to BES-HXS04, this allows you hear & speak thru your phone at anywhere. You can always welcome your friends, keep an eye on your package, pay attention to whether your child has come back home, and of course, warn uninvited guest.

More Features.

*** Real HD 1080P(1920*1080). ftp photo will also come with 1920*1080 resolution.

*** Onvif Compatible. This camera can work with your existing system well, no matter it's WiFi Onvif NVR, 3rd party Onvif software(Blue Iris, iSPY, Onvif Device Manager, etc), you can get BES-HXS04 to replace your dead cameras from other brands.

***Multi-View Remotely. Your family members can also connect the camera to their smart phones easily, anywhere, anytime, you can share the videos together.

***IP66 Waterproof***. You can install this camera outside.

***Motion Detection***. Customizable motion detection, phone alert, email alert with snapshot, ftp photo and ftp video(SD card needed) are ALL available.

***Clear Night Vision***. With this camera, you can get clear night vision up to 65 ft in the night. The camera will always keep an eye on your home when you are asleep.

***Micro SD Card Slot.*** Micro SD card is available for this model. You can add a SD card(8G~128G, loop recording available) to save the videos.

***The below picture shows where the SD card slot is***

  • 2. Step-by-step guide on how to setup your HX WiFi serial camera on your phone.

There are 2 Ways available for you to setup your HX WiFi serial camera on your phone.s

Before you setup the camera, please get the CamHi App on your phone, it's free for both iOS & Android device.

You can also hit the below link to get it.

For iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/camhi/id979100289?mt=8

For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hichip

Then power on the camera with included DC12V 1A power adapter, wait about 20 seconds to start up.


Way-1. AP +WiFi Connection

Please follow the below pictures to add the camera to your phone.

******Please note: with this way, please DO not connect the camera to your router or network switch via Ethernet cable, or the wifi function will be disabled.******

Step1. Open your phone's wifi setting and find the WiFi SSID from the camera that begins with 'IPCAM'

Step2. Hit it and input the password '01234567' to connect your phone to it.

Step3. Open CamHi app, hit the 'Add Camera' button.

Step 4. Hit the 'Search Camera from LAN' button to find the device.

Step 5. Hit the found device that begins with 'TTTT'.

Step 6. Hit the '√' button to connect the camera to your phone.

Step 7. Hit the gear button to enter the camera setting.

Step 8. Hit the 'WiFi Setting' to enter wifi setting.

Step 9. Hit the 'WiFi Manager' to list available WiFi SSID and then select your home wifi and input the password of your home wifi, hit the 'Apply' button to save it.

Then wait about 30 seconds to wait the camera to save the wifi setting and conect to your home wifi, and you can access the camera video with any network now!


WAY-2. Wired Connection

If Way-1 does not seem to work fine at your case, or you want to use this camera as a wired IP camera, you can also setup the camera via Wired Connection.

Before you open the CamHi to setup the camera, please power on the camera and connect it to your router or network switch via Ethernet cable(cat5/5e or cat6),wait about 20 seconds.

Then open the CamHi app  >>  hit the 'Add Camera button,  >>  hit the 'Search Camera from LAN'  >> Select the found device and hit the '' button to add the camera to your phone.


******Please note: You can also switch to WiFi connection at anytime when you setup the camera via Wired Connection. Simply hit the 'WiFi Setting' to connect the camera to your home wifi, save it and then you can disconnect the Ethernet cable.******


  • Some Snapshot & Videos shared by our customers.

Day Vision By Lily in CO.

Night Vision by Lily in CO.

Video-Shared by Ketty Sao in NY.


  • Where to buy & Coupons.

Please hit the below link for more info about BES-HXS04.


We also prepared a special for you.

Please input coupon when checkout to get extra 9% discount.


Please feel free to contact our customer support at besderteam@gmail.com at any time if you need more support.

We are always here, happy to help you.

******Thank You for Reading Thru This Article******



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