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Trouble Shooting- Most Known FAQs & Issues You May Meet.

Trouble Shooting- Most Known FAQs & Issues You May Meet.

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The below FAQs show the most known questions & answers we sorted out from customer feedback & reviews.

Please feel free to check whether the issue you met was listed, the answer would usually work.

If it does not work at your case, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support at besdersec@gmail.com, we will get back to you and provide you with satisfactory solution for you as soon as possible.

***Tips: Hold down the Ctrl key and the F key simultaneously then release to start a quick search in this page to target the issue you met***



Q1: The indicator does not turn on after I powered it. What should I do?

A1: Power the camera with another standard DC 12V 2A power adapter. If the indicator still does not turn on, maybe the camera is defective item, please contact our customer service email for free replacement.


Q2: The indicator light is on but the camera does not send any voice prompt. What's wrong?

A2: Please reset the camera to default settings and try again.


Q3: The camera does not connect to my phone, but I heard a voice prompt saying 'Connecting, please wait'. What should I do?

A3: Please press the reset button about 10 seconds to reset the camera and try again. You will hear a voice prompt saying 'Restore factory settings, please do not power off'.


Q4: I never received any verification email when I tried to register.

A4: Sometimes the verification email is considered spam, please Check the spam, try another email if this does not help


Q5: Why did I fail to connect the camera to my phone?

A5:  The camera only supports 2.4GHz WiFi and make sure you’ve selected a correct one. If you are using a dual band router, please disable the 5GHz WiFi SSID temporally when setting up the camera.

       Avoid using special characters or symbols in your WiFi name and password, such as @~#$%&* and so on.

       If connection failed, please reset the camera and try again.



Q6: How to save the video? What type of SD card does this camera support?

A6: You need to insert a Micro SD card to save the video. This camera works with Micro SD card, 16G~128G, class 10, U3 recommended.


Q7: What to do if the alarm does not work?

A7:  Make sure you enabled the ‘Smart Alarm’ > ‘Open’

        Make sure you enabled the ‘Smart Alarm’ > ‘Alarm Push’

        Make sure you disabled the ‘Smart Alarm’ > ‘Message Ignore’

        Make sure you logged in the iCSee with an iCSee account.

        Make sure you’ve allowed the iCSee to push notification in the settings of your phone.


Q8: How to enable continuously recording?

A8: Please check the ‘Storage Management’ then enable the continuously recording in ‘Record Settings’


Q9: Why can't I watch the video when I'm not at home? It keep saying 'Is buffering, please later'.

A9: Please check whether there is any update for the camera firmware in Settings > General > Device Upgrade. If there is a 'Click to update device', click it to upgrade the firmware.


Q10: How to share my device to my family?

A10: Please download the app on another phone, select 'Add Shared Device'

Mode1: Share by QR code. Open the Settings > General, use another phone you want to share the camera with to scan the QR code of the camera to share the camera.

Mode2: Share with serial ID. Click the share icon of the camera, share it to the phone you want to share the camera with, copy the sharing link on another phone, click 'Add Shared Device', copy the sharing link and click save.


Q11: How to enable motion triggered recording?

A11: Please enable the ‘Smart Alarm’ > ‘Open’

         Please enable the ‘Smart Alarm’ > ‘Alarm Action’ > ‘Take a video’


Q12: The camera video is sometimes not fluency, the camera is sometimes offline

A12: Reboot the router & camera, then try again.

In addition, if you insert a micro sd card in the camera, even the camera video is not that fluency, or the camera is sometimes offline because of the network reason, you will also get fluency & continuous video in the sd card.


Please feel free to contact our customer support at besdersec@gmail.com at any time if you need more support.

We are always here, happy to help you.

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