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Please check the serial of your cameras on the package or refer to the below picture to confirm which series your camera belongs to.


The below FAQs show the most known questions & answers we sorted out from customer feedbacks & reviews.

Please feel free to check whether the issue you met was one of them, the answer would usually work.

If it does not work at your case, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support at besdersec@gmail.com, we will get back to you and provide you with satisfactory solution for you as soon as possible.

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Q1:What’s the default User name , IP address & password of the camera ?

A1: Default User name : admin Default IP address: Default

Password : null ( empty ) !


Q2: Why I need to install the IE ActiveX Plug-in?

A2:The IE ActiveX Plug-in has no harm to your Browser and computer, it works with the IE Browser to achieve Remote viewing and Cloud Access. Please feel free to install it.


Q3: Does the camera supports Motion Detect,FTP,Email alarm, RTSP and so on ?

A3: Yes ! All the IP Cameras we are selling supports these functions.

  1. Please Setup the motion detection in the CMS software.
  2. We suggest the Sever-U and FileZilla FTP Server to upload the image.
  3. For the Email alarm, please use Email server which supports SMTP

(Hotmail, Yahoo not support SMTP, it not supports Gmail temperately since the server problem ) .


  1. RTSP URL for Blue Isis & VLC media Player?





Q4: What’re the ports information of the cameras ?

A4 : ONVIF 2.0 Port 8899 ;RTSP Port 554 ;HTTP Port 80;Media Port 34567


Q5:Does the camera support IE ,Chrome ,Firefox and so on ?

A5: Since the plug-in problem, for website interface IP address URL,ONLY IE supports Multi Language . Chrome, Safari just supports Chinese. We suggest using the IE browser for LAN Access or Cloud Access.

For cloud server XMEYE.NET ,it supports multi language


Q6:When I finish the steps to add the camera to the CMS list, why it notify “ Can’t find the Device “ even I can see the default IP address in the menu .

A6: It is the IP Address conflict, the default IP address is not in the same network segment as your router.

Please click ‘Edit Device’ to change the camera’s IP address to make them in the same network segment !

For example, if your router’s IP address is ,then you need to change the camera’s IP address to 192.168.0.XX .


Please feel free to contact our customer support at besdersec@gmail.com at any time if you need more support.

We are always here, happy to help you.

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